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Tomorrow (1959-1960)

'I'd enjoyed bringing out The Scorpion and had always remembered it. Then I met a Sri Lankan, Susil Pieris, who was very keen and I think he coedited the first two issues of Tomorrow. Then he got fed up or drifted away. It began, however, with my feeling that I wanted to start a magazine.

'For its fourth issue I'd written to Pinter. He had just become prominent then, but I'd learned about him earlier, when I was in Germany. Another of my jobs there had been to work on this radio show, and one of the things I did for it was write a report on a local drama festival. There was a play in the festival by a person I'd read about in the Sunday papers. The Room, it was called, and it was by Harold Pinter. It had had a good review from Harold Hobson in the Sunday Times, but rather dismissive reviews by other people. Anyway I was intrigued by this play, and liked it best of all those put on during the festival - and said so in my radio report. But I'd left the proceedings early in order to write the piece; I hadn't stayed to hear the commanding officer of the Second Tactical Air Force, who was giving the prize to some Somerset Maugham thing, denounce this incomprehensible piece of garbage by someone called H. Pinters, saying how he just couldn't understand how anybody in their right mind could have put it on. The next day my piece was broadcast on the radio, praising that very play. My immediate superior, who was the information officer, got hauled up by the commanding officer and told to discipline me. What I had done was "tantamount to disobeying an order" '.

-- Excerpted from Ian Hamilton in Conversation with Dan Jacobson (BTL, 2002)

Ian Hamilton: Passport Photo, 1959 / Courtesy of Patricia Wheatley
Ian Hamilton's Passport Photo, 1959

(Photo Courtesy of Patricia Wheatley)
No. 1 (June-July 1959)
Tomorrow, no. 1, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Peter Armstrong: [Two untitled poems]: 5-6

Roy Fuller: '' [Two untitled poems]: 7-8

Michael Horovitz: Pieces of Air: 'Oaken Bespoken', 'Ashen Crahing', 'Tactile Didactics' [Poems]: 9-11

Idwal D. Isaac: 'Holy was the day' [Poem]: 12

A. L. Johnson: 'Sleepless, London in August', 'Archaeologist Among the Ruins' [Poems]: 13-14

Roger McGough: 'sunset' [Poem]: 14

Ian McLachlan: 'In the Judas Night' [Poem]: 15

Donald Monk: 'Outside the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square', 'Church bells before Evensong' [Poems]: 16-17

K. G. Moore: 'To ONe Engaged' [Poem]: 18-19

Judith Caplan: [Untitled poem]: 19

Edwin Morgan: 'The Approach of Winter' [Poem]: 20

Alan Page: 'For Hart Crane', 'A Kind of Christenings' [Poems]: 21-22

Judith Pakenham: 'Age', 'Birds' [Poems]: 23

Jeremy Walker: 'Two Sonnets', 'Poem of Irony' [Poems]: 24-25

Iain Forbes White: 'Intervals' [Poem]: 25

Robin K. Young: 'Her Hair' [Poem]: 26

Michael Hamburger: 'The Autopsy' [Trans. of story by Georg Heym]: 27-28

No. 2 (October-November 1959)
Tomorrow, no. 2, edited by Ian Hamilton  


Herbie Butterfield: 'Here Beginneth the First Lesson' [Poem]: 5

Philip Crick: 'Landscape by Motonobu' [Poem]: 6

Ronald Duncan: 'The Solitudes (No. 21)' [Poem]: 7

D. J. Enright: 'The Quagga', 'Spotted Deer' [Poems]: 8-9

Charles Hamblett: 'Geophysical' [Poem]: 10

Michael Horovitz: 'SKYLINES: three tracings' [Poem]: 11-15

Charles Hamblett: 'Punchinello' [Poem]: 16

Elizabeth Jennings: 'Poet in a Mental Hospital', 'A Requiem' [Poems]: 17-18

Christopher Middleton: 'Without Shoes', 'Climbing a Pebble' [Poems]: 19-20

Edwin Morgan: 'The Wedding Party' [Transl. of a poem by Boris Pasternak]: 21

Alan Page: 'Summer Relations', 'Particulars from the Sea' [Poems]: 22-23

Graham Robottom: 'Escapist', 'Strictures on a Transcendentalist' [Poems]: 24-25

C. A. Trypanis: 'Palaeopolis' [Poem]: 26

Geoffrey Thurley: 'Sculpture' [Poem]: 26

David Sladen: 'Plaint of the Metropolis' [Poem]: 27-28

No. 3 (February-March 1960)
Tomorrow, no. 3, edited by Ian Hamilton    

A. Alvarez: 'The Nativity in New Mexico' [Poem]: 7

Valerie Benton: 'Lucrece Living or Rem Acu Tetigisti' [Poem]: 8

Steve Cox: 'June to December' [Poem]: 9

Ronald Duncan: 'The Solitudes (No. 8)' [Poem]: 10

Anna Lovell: 'Going' [Poem]: 11

Christopher Middleton: 'Alba after Six Years' [Poem]: 11

Michael Ffinch: 'Off Beat' [Poem]: 12

Michael Horovitz: 'Let It Be' [Poem]: 12-13

Piero Heliczer: 'yesterday is an avenue of faith' [Poem]: 14

Elizabeth Jennings: 'A World of Light' [Poem]: 15

Michael Horovitz: 'two little known things' [Poem]: 16-17

Bernard Kops: 'Crazy Tart' [Poem]: 18

Victor Musgrave: 'Mad Song (for Lynette Roberts)' [Poem]: 18

Christopher Middleton: 'The Bird Causeways' [Trans. of a poem by Oscar Loerke]: 19

Christopher Salvesen: 'The Fool' [Poem]: 20

Judith Spink: 'Globe' [Poem]: 21

Peter Wollen: 'Caged' [Poem]: 22

Oscar Mellor: 'Landscape' [Drawing]: 23

John Fuller: [Rev. of The Forests of Lithuania, by Donald Davie]: 24-29

Christopher Salvesen: [Rev. of Opus Posthumous, by Wallace Stevens]: 29-30

Francis Hope: [Rev. of For the Unfallen, by Geoffrey Hill]: 31-32

Ian Hamilton: [Rev. of The International Literary Annual, edited by John Wain]: 32

D. L. Pendlebury: [Rev. of The Calendar of Love, by Carl Bode]: 33:

No. 4 (1960)
Tomorrow, no. 4, edited by Ian Hamilton (T. S. Eliot)    
Christopher Middleton: 'Presence 1948' [Fiction]: 5-11

Poetry Competition Results: 12

Peter J. Dale: 'The Passing of an Old Lady' [Poem]: 12

John Fuller: 'Alex at the Barber's' [Poem]: 13

Christopher Salvesen: 'Mülheim An Der Ruhr' [Poem]: 14

J. H. Prynne: 'The Hazel Tree' [Poem]: 15

W. H. Petty: 'Semerwater' [Poem]: 16

Kent Gardien: 'The Princess on the Terrace' [Poem]: 16

Harold Pinter: 'A Slight Ache' [Play for Radio]: 17-32

Richard Adams: ' "Francesca" ' [Poem]: 33

Tanner Baybars: 'A Girl in a Stationary Car' [Poem]: 34

Thomas Blackburn: 'No Hiding', 'Memento Mori' [Poems]: 35-36

Alan Brownjohn: 'Ingeritance', 'Balance' [Poems]: 37-38

Caryl Churchill: 'The Jester' [Poem]: 39

Philip Crick: 'Men of Ash, Men of Silver', 'The Enchanted', 'The Encounter' [Poems]: 40

John Haag: 'From the last Act' [Poem]: 41

Michael Horovitz: [Untitled Poem]: 42

Ian MacLachlan: 'Submission', 'Imaginary Letter that I will not send: An Ode for Evelyn' [Poems]: 43-45

Christopher Middleton: 'Amiel' [Poem]: 46

Victor Musgrave: 'Jealousy' [Poem]: 47

Michael O'Higgins: 'Like a Vague Virgin' [Poem]: 48

Robin Skelton: 'Remember always the unsearchable extent' [Poem]: 49

Clive Jordan: [Rev. of Lupercal, by Ted Hughes]: 50-54

Christopher Salvesen: [Rev. of Thrones: Cantos 96-109, by Ezra Pound]: 54-56

John Fuller: [Rev. of The Gravel Ponds, by Peter Levi; The Collector, by Peter Redgrove]: 56-57

Michael Horovitz: [Notes on 3 Novels, by Samuel Beckett]: 57-59

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