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The Review (1962-1972)

'The Review was started to cope with the aftermath of this magazine called Tomorrow, the one that published the Pinter play. The tendency for me was to start another magazine in order to reassure the printer that I hadn't really gone out of business, that he would be paid eventually. OK, the magazine I handed to him (the Review, No. 1) had another title and two years had passed since the last time I'd given him anything to print (i.e. Tomorrow, No. 4), but he agreed to do it. He was still hoping to get paid for the Tomorrow work -- and was paid for it, in the end.

'We had a committee consisting of John Fuller, Francis Hope, Martin Dodsworth, Colin Falck, Michael Fried and Gabriel Pearson. We never had meetings or anything like that. There was a lot of correspondence, because John went to Buffalo for a year. So he wrote to me a lot from there. And Michael and Colin had already left Oxford and gone off to London, where they shared a flat. Michael, a young American poet, was a big influence on me at that time. Very few members of the committee were around in Oxford, although the thing was based in Oxford'. -- Excerpted from Ian Hamilton in Conversation with Dan Jacobson (BTL, 2002)

  Ian Hamilton in South Cornwall in 1963 / Courtesy of Patricia Wheatley
The Review contents are listed below.
A printable version is also available.
Ian Hamilton in South Cornwall in 1963
(Photo Courtesy of Patricia Wheatley)
Issue No. 1
(April/May 1962)
The Review, no. 1, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Zbigniew Herbert: 'Chairs', 'Drunkards', 'Hobgoblins', 'Help Pompeii' [Four prose poems translated by George Gömöri]: 3

Donald Davie: 'Right Wing Sympathies' [Poem]: 4-5

Peter Redgrove: 'His Luck' [Poem]: 6-7

A. Alvarez: 'Night Music' [Poem]: 7

Michael Fried: 'Parting' [Poem]: 8

Roy Fuller: 'Religion' [Poem]: 9

'A. Alvarez and Donald Davie: A Discussion': 10-25

Vladimir Mayakovsky: 'Fiddle-ma-Fidgin' [Poem; translated by Edwin Morgan]: 26-28

John Fuller: 'Thom Gunn' [Rev. of Fighting Terms, by Thom Gunn; Note on the text of Fighting Terms]: 29-34

Ian Hamilton: 'There is a Happy Land' [Rev. of Liareggub Revisited, by David Holbrook]: 35-36

Francis Hope: 'Barker without his Bite' [Rev. of The View From a Blind I, by George Barker]: 37-38

Edward Pygge: 'A Pretty Pair' [Rev. of The Night of the Hammer, by Ned O'Gorman; A Row of Pharoahs, by Patrick Creagh]: 38-39

Clive Jordan: 'A Lonely Apocalyptic' [Rev. of torse 3, by Christopher Middleton]: 39-40

Peter Marsh: 'Cold Comfort' [Rev. of Haste to the Wedding, by Alex Comfort]: 40-41

John Fuller: 'Five Riddles' [Poems; 'A Note on Riddles']: 42-43

Issue No. 2
(June/July 1962)
The Review, no. 2, edited by Ian Hamilton  


Colin Falck: 'Dreams and Responsibilities' [Rev. of The New Poetry, selected by A. Alvarez]: 3-18

George MacBeth: 'Er' [Poem]: 19

Jon Silkin: 'Nature with Man' [Poem]: 20-21

John Fuller: 'Out of the Wood' [Poem]: 22-27

Martin Dodsworth: 'The Man in the Iron Mask' [Rev. of Oxford Address on Poetry, by Robert Graves]: 29-32

Peter Marsh: 'An Unconvincing Handful' [Rev. of Between Mars and Venus, by Robert Conquest; In a Green Night, by Derek Walcott; The Blue-Fly in his Head, by John Heath-Stubbs; A Garland for the Green, by Ewart Milne; Control Tower, by Richard Kell]: 33-36

Patrick Bridgwater: 'Classical Anthology' [Rev. of Modern German Poetry, 1910-1960, edited by Michael Hamburger and Christopher Middleton]: 37-43

Michael Fried: 'Words are Easy' [Rev. of Works and Days, by Irving Feldman]: 44-46

Edward Pygge: Tedium [Rev. of Poems, Golders Green, by Dannie Abse]: 47-48

Issue No. 3
(August/September 1962)
The Review, no. 3, edited by Ian Hamilton    
Graham Martin: 'More Wound than Bow' [Rev. of Collected Poems: 1936-1960, by Roy Fuller]: 3-11

Geoffrey Lehmann: 'The Dolphins' [Poem]: 12-14

Ian Hamilton: 'Robert Lowell' [On Lord Weary's Castle]: 15-23

Michael Hamburger: 'The Search' [Poem]: 24

Edwin Morgan: 'Hugh MacDiarmid' [Rev. of Collected Poems, by Hugh MacDiarmid]: 25-30

Martin Dodsworth: 'Cecil Day Lewis' [Rev. of The Gate, by C. Day Lewis]: 31-36

Stephen Wall: 'Grooves of Academe' [Rev. of A Sequence for Francis Parkman, by Donald Davie]: 37-38

Peter Marsh: Pulp Poet [Rev. of Sense of Hope, by Vernon Scannell]: 39

Issue No. 4
(November 1962)
The Review, no. 4, edited by Ian Hamilton (T. S. Eliot)    
John Baylay: 'The Collected Plays' [T. S. Eliot]: 3-11

F. W. Bateson: 'Burbank with a Baedeker / Eliot with a Laforgue' [Essay]: 12-15

Michael Hamburger: 'The Unity of Eliot's Poetry' [Essay]: 16-27

Martin Dodsworth: 'Gerontion and Christ' [Essay]: 28-34

Gwenn R. Boardman: 'Restoring the Hollow Man' [Essay]: 35-45

John Fuller: 'Five Finger Exercises' [Essay]: 46-51

W. W. Robson: 'Eliot's Later Criticism' [Essay]: 52-58

Colin Falck: 'Hurry Up Please Its Time' [Essay]: 59-64



Issue No. 5
(February 1963)
The Review, no. 5, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Edwin Morgan: 'Edwin Muir' [Essay]: 3-10

Philip Larkin: 'Wild Oats' [Poem]: 11

Peter Dale: 'The Storms' [Poem]: 12-13

Roy Fuller: 'Three Sonnets' [Poem]: 14-15

Ian Hamilton: 'Last Illness' [Poem]: 15

Colin Falck: 'Denying Me', 'Evening', 'Suicide' [Three poems from the Spanish]: 16

A. Alvarez: 'Picture Gallery' [Poem]: 17

Friedrich Hölderlin: 'Rousseau', 'To Princess Augusta of Homburg', 'Heidelberg', 'The Farewell (Second Version)', 'Her Recovery', 'Love', 'The Blind Singer', 'What is the Life of Men . . .', 'On Fallow Foliage . . .', 'For when the grapevine's sap . . .', 'If from the Distance . . .' [Translated by Michael Hamburger with notes on the poems]: 18-31

William Empson: 'Early Auden' [A transcript of Empson's contribution to a B.B.C.T.V. Bookstand programme on Auden]: 32-34

Martin Dodsworth: 'Visionary, Drear' [Rev. of Affinities, by Vernon Watkins]: 35-40

Colin Falck: 'The Lyrical Man' [Rev. of The Evans Country, by Kingsley Amis; Lecture to the Trainees, by George MacBeth; Walk from the House, by Peter Dale; Other Hands, by Michael Fried]: 40-44

Stephen Wall: 'Pale Verse' [Rev. of Pale Fire, by Vladimir Nabokov]: 45-47

Peter Marsh: 'That's Torn It, Mammon' [Rev. of Tomorrow Morning, Faustus!, by I. A. Richards; With Love Somehow, by Tony Connor]: 48-49

Edward Pygge Reports: 51

Issue Nos. 6-7
(June 1963)
The Review, nos. 6-7, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Martin Dodsworth: 'Empson at Cambridge' [Essay]: 3-13

Philip Hobsbaum: 'Empson as Critical Practitioner' [Essay]: 14-20

John Fuller: Empson's Tone' [Essay]: 21-25

William Empson in Conversation with Christopher Ricks [Interview]: 26-35

Ian Hamilton: 'A Girl Can't Go on Laughing All the Time' [Essay]: 36-42

Saul Touster: 'Empson's Legal Fiction' [Essay]: 44-48

Colin Falck: 'This Deep Blankness' [Essay]: 49-61

Peter Lowbridge: 'An Empson Bibliography': 63-73

L. E. Sissman: 'Just a Whack at Empson' [Poem]: 75

Issue No. 8
(August 1963)
The Review, no. 8, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Gabriel Pearson: 'The Defeat of Yvor Winters' [Essay]: 3-12

Saul Touster: 'Memory of an Irish Housemaid' [Poem]: 13

A. Alvarez: The Survivor'', 'Spring Fever' [Two Poems]: 14-15

John Fuller: 'Letchworth Park', 'Manzu' [Two Poems]: 16-17

Graham Martin: 'Recent Irish Poetry' [Rev. of Six Irish Poets, edited by Robin Skelton; Downstream, by Thomas Kinsella; Sailing to an Island, by Richard Murphy; Lady & Gentleman, by Richard Weber; The Dubliner, issue no. 5; Poetry Ireland, issue no. 1]: 18-32

Robert Lowell: 'Buenos Aires' [Poem]: 34-35

Robert Lowell in Conversation with A. Alvarez [Interview]: 36-40

Edwin Morgan: 'Three Scottish Poets' [Rev. of A Round of Applause, by Norman MacCaig; The Broken Places, by George MacBeth; The Ship and Ither Poems, by Tom Scott]: 41-45

Francis Hope: 'Bare Bones' [Rev. of The Struggle of the Modern, by Stephen Spender]: 46-50

Stephen Wall: 'Inflationary Spirals' [Rev. of Collected Poems, by John Lehmann; Poems, by Alexander Baird; Juvenilia 2, by Robert Nye; Notes on Cafés and Bedrooms, by Rosemary Tonks]: 51-54

Colin Falck: 'The Whole Lion' [Rev. of Twenty Poems of César Vallejo, chosen and translated by John Knoepfle, James Wright, and Robert Bly; The Lion's Tail and Eyes, by James Wright, William Duffy, and Robert Bly]: 55-58

Edward Pygge Reports: 59-60

Issue No. 9
(October 1963)
The Review, no. 9, edited by Ian Hamilton (Sylvia Plath)    
The Last Poems of Sylvia Plath: [Poems include: 'Daddy', 'Lady Lazarus', 'Fever 103°', 'Ariel', 'Poppies in October', 'Nick and the Candlestick', 'Brasilia', 'Mary's Song', 'Lesbos']: 3-19

A. Alvarez: 'Sylvia Plath' [Essay]: 20-26

A. C. Graham: 'Poems of the Late T'ang' [Essay; Selection of Ten Poems]: 27-37

Donald Davie: 'The Vindication of Jovan Babic (1915)' [Poem]: 38

Christopher Middleton: 'Cartoon of a Common Theme' [Poem]: 39

Donald Hall: 'The Beau of the Dead' [Poem]: 40

Donald Hall: 'Some American Poets' [Essay]: 43-52

D. J. Gordon and Ian Fletcher: 'Only a Magnifying Glass' [Rev. of Between the Lines, by Jon Stallworthy]: 53-58

Peter Marsh: 'Advertiser's Announcement' [Rev. of A Group Anthology, edited by Edward Lucie-Smith; New Lines 2, edited by Robert Conquest]: 59-62

Edward Pygge Reports: 63
Issue No. 10
(January 1964)
The Review, no. 10, edited by Ian Hamilton (Black Mountain Poetry)    
Charles Tomlinson: 'Black Mountain as Focus' [Anthology Introduction]: 4-5

'Black Mountain Anthology' [Edited by Charles Tomlinson with poems by Charles Olson, Louis Zukofsky, Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, Gary Snyder, Edward Dorn, Jonathan Williams, Denise Levertov, Irving Layton, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Blackburn, Gael Turnbull]: 5-23

Robert Creeley in Conversation with Charles Tomlinson [Interview]: 24-35

Robert Duncan: 'Notes on Poetics' [Regarding Charles Olson's "Maximus"]: 36-42

Michael Fried: 'Your Name', 'The Cry', 'Your Voice', 'Mothers', 'The Answer', 'Packing Up', 'Falling Asleep' [Seven Poems]: 44-45

Michael Hamburger: 'For a Family Album' [Poem]: 46

Colin Falck: 'Five Versions from the Spanish of Antonio Machado' [Poems included: 'Into the Dusk', 'Summer Night', 'Poet', 'Night Music', 'The Poor-House']: 47-49

Thomas Clark: 'My Father's Death', 'On a Farm', 'Lakes' [Three Poems]: 50-53

Thomas Clark: 'Two Objectivist Poets' [Rev. of By the Waters of Manhattan, by Charles Reznikoff; The Materials, by George Oppen]: 54-58

Peter Marsh: 'Children's Books?' [Rev. of The Earth-Owl and other Moon-People, by Ted Hughes; Tea with Miss Stockport, by Martin Seymour-Smith; The Bread of Truth, by R. S. Thomas; Out of Bounds, by Jon Stallworthy; New Poems 1963, edited by Lawrence Durrell]: 59-61
Issue Nos. 11-12
The Review, nos. 11-12, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Francis Hope: 'Then and Now' [Essay]: 3-8

Kenneth Trodd: ' "Scrutiny" in the Thirties' [Essay]: 9-15

Conversation with Edgell Rickword [Interview]: 17-20

Julian Symons: 'Twentieth Century Verse' [On History, 18 issues]: 22-24

Eric Mottram: 'American Poetry in the Thirties' [Essay]: 25-41

Peter Lowbridge: 'The Spanish War' [Essay]: 42-50

Conversation with Claud Cockburn [Interview]: 51-53

Barbara Hardy: 'The Reticence of W. H. Auden' [Essay]: 54-64

Conversation with Edward Upward [Interview]: 65-67

Conversation with James Reeves [Interview]: 68-70

Martin Dodsworth: 'Bernard Spencer: The Poet of Addition' [Rev. of With Luck Lasting, by Bernard Spencer]: 71-80

John Fuller: 'Early Auden: An Allegory of Love' [Rev. of The Poetry of W. H. Auden, by Monroe K. Spears]: 82-90

Stephen Wall: 'Louis MacNeice' [Rev. of Autumn Journal, The Mad Islands & The Administrator (Two Radio Plays), The Burning Perch]: 91-94

Issue No. 13
The Review, no. 13, edited by Ian Hamilton    

This issue consists of three poetry pamphlets housed in a paper sleeve:

Colin Falck: The Garden in the Evening [Poems from the Spanish of Antonio Machado: 'I', 'II', 'III', 'Roads', 'The Eyes', 'VI', 'The Poor-House', 'VIII', 'IX', 'X', 'Proverbs', 'To the Sculptor Emiliano Barral', 'XIII', 'XIV']

Michael Fried: Appetites ['Sebastian', 'Miscarriage', 'Other Hands', 'Your Name', 'The Answer', 'The Cry', 'Broken Casts', 'Your Voice', 'Packing Up', 'Falling Asleep', 'The Bath', 'Appetites', 'White Flowers', 'The Bite', 'Lines for a Friend', 'Assassination']

Ian Hamilton: Pretending not to Sleep ['Fears', 'The Storm', 'Windfalls', 'The Recruits', 'Trucks', 'A Mother's Complaint', 'Father, Dying', 'Birthday Poem', 'Metaphor', 'Last Illness', 'Last Respects', 'Funeral', 'Pretending not to Sleep', 'Poem (To G.)']


Issue No. 14
(December 1964)
The Review, no. 14, edited by Ian Hamilton (Philip Larkin)    
Colin Falck: 'Essential Beauty' [Rev. of The Whitsun Weddings, by Philip Larkin]: 3-11

John Fuller: 'Green Fingers' [Poem]: 12

Thomas Clark: 'Lewis' [Poem]: 13

Donald Davie: 'Two Ways Out of Whitman' [Rev. of Pictures from Brueghel and other poems, by William Carlos Williams; The Far Field, by Theodore Roethke]: 14-19

Christopher Middleton: 'Sketch of the Old Graveyard at Col de Castillon' [Poem]: 20-21

Peter Dale: 'The Fall' [Poem]: 21

Roy Fuller: 'Logic of Dreams' [Poem]: 22

Martin Dodsworth: 'Poetry in the Grass' [Rev. of eleven poetry books: Events and Wisdoms, by Donald Davie; Notes While Travelling, by Brian Higgins; Turning Point, by Phillip Callow; Weather and Season, by Michael Hamburger; The Survivors, by Patricia Beer; Poems, by Adrian Mitchell; The Directions of Memory, by Laurence Lerner; The Place's Fault, by Philip Hobsbaum; Poems, by B. S. Johnson; Western Time, by Keith Wright; Wild Honey, by Alistair Campbell]: 23-30

Francis Hope: 'Clubbing the Air' [Rev. of seven poetry books: Sjambok, by Douglas Livingstone; Confessions and Histories, by Edward Lucie-Smith; Recoveries, by Elizabeth Jennings; A Breathing Space, by Thomas Blackburn; Pompeian Dog, by C. A. Trypanis; Londoners and Throwaway Lines, by Gavin Ewart]: 31-36

Edwin Morgan: 'Fidelities' [Rev. of Molière's Tartuffe, translated by Richard Wilbur; Blas de Otero: Twenty Poems, translated by Hardie St. Martin]: 37-40

Letters: 41-45

Edward Pygge Reports: 46

Robert Blight: 'Bored with All the Talk of Elections, I Slouch Off into the Fields Again, and a Poem Grows from Me Like an Ear, or a Hand' [Poem]: 47
Issue No. 15
(April 1965)
The Review, no. 15, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Gabriel Pearson: 'John Berryman -- Poet as Medium' [Essay]: 3-16

Michael Fried: 'The Garden' [Poem]: 17

Martin Dodsworth: 'The Secrecy of Marianne Moore' [Rev. of The Arctic Ox, by Marianne Moore]: 18-25

Eric Cheyfitz: 'The Temple of Snakes' [Poem]: 26-29

Hugo Williams: 'The Butcher' [Poem]: 30

Christopher Middleton: 'Documents of Imagism from the Papers of F. S. Flint' [Essay with document reproductions]: 31-51

Francis Hope: 'Tommy's Tunes' [Rev. of English Poetry of the First World War, by John H. Johnston; Up the Line to Death, edited by Brian Gardner]: 52-57

Stephen Wall: 'Brutalities Foreign and Suburban' [Rev. of Birth of a Shark, by David Wevill; Old Savage / Young City, by Nathaniel Tarn; The Loss of India, by Zulfikar Ghose; The Stalingrad Elegies, by James Schevill; The Shearwaters, by Peter Levi]: 58-60

Peter Lowbridge: 'A Turquoise Ear-ring?' [Review of Ezra Pound's Kensington, an exploration 1885-1913, by Patricia Hutchins]: 61-62

Letter to the Editor [From Kenneth Trodd, regarding his essay in issue nos. 11-12]: 62

Issue No. 16
(October 1966)
The Review, no. 16, edited by Ian Hamilton    

John Fuller: 'Randall Jarrell' [Rev. of The Lost World, by Randall Jarrell]: 5-9

Alexander Cockburn: 'To and From the Frontier' [Rev. of Journey to the Frontier, by Peter Stansky and William Abrahams]: 10-16

John Fuller: 'Hedge Tutor' [Poem]: 18-19

Colin Falck: 'Central Ohio' [Poem]: 19

Donald Davie: 'A Death in the West' [Poem]: 20

John Barnard: 'Still at it' [Rev. of Dreams of a Summer Night, by George Barker; Collected Poems, by David Gascoyne; Selected Poems, by John Heath-Stubbs; The Hollow Hill, by Kathleen Raine]: 21-25

Michael Fried: 'The Rape', 'Embryo', 'David Smith', 'The Promise', 'Mongol', 'Heart', 'Air' [Seven Poems]: 26-27

Jon Stallworthy: 'Elm End' [Poem]: 29-31

Louis Simpson: Jamaica -- 'On A Veranda', 'Returning', 'Why Are You Walking?', 'The Harbor' [Four Poems]: 31-35

Stephen Wall: 'Pipe and Slippers' [Rev. of About the House, by W. H. Auden; Instead of a Poet & Other Poems, by Francis Hope; Symptoms of Loss, by Hugo Williams]: 36-39

Colin Falck: 'Base Infection' [Rev. of Connoisseurs of Chaos, by Denis Donoghue]: 40-42

Giles Sadler: 'Gummidge and Others' [Rev. of Death of a Naturalist, by Seamus Heaney, The Burning Hare, by J. C. Hall; The Mind Has Mountains, by Elizabeth Jennings; Longer Contemporary Poems, edited by David Wright]: 43-45

Edward Pygge Reports: 46-50

Issue No. 17
(April 1967)
The Review, no. 17, edited by Ian Hamilton    

A. Alvarez: 'Zbigniew Herbert' [Essay / Introduction to the selected poems]: 3-8

Selected Poems of Zbigniew Herbert: 'The Rain', 'Hen', 'A Tale', 'Elephant', 'At the Gate of the Valley', 'Parable of the Russian Emigres', 'Rosy Ear', 'Our Fear', 'Wristwatch', 'The End of Dynasty', 'Why the Classics', 'Episode', 'A Knocker' [Translated by Czeslaw Milocz and Peter Dale Scott]: 9-20

Colin Falck: 'Writer v. Moralist' [Rev. of Alun Lewis: Selected Poetry and Prose, edited by Ian Hamilton]: 22-31

Roy Fuller: 'Astapovo, 1910', 'Mind to Body' [Two Poems]: 32-33

Hugo Williams: 'In a Cafe', 'Coats', 'Builders', 'In Patient' [Four Poems]: 34-35

Roy Fuller: 'Definitely Definitive' [Rev. of Collected Poems and Alamein to Zem Zem, by Keith Douglas]: 37-40

Edwin Morgan: 'Scalped by a Bourbon' [Rev. of Selected Letters of Dylan Thomas, edited by Constantine Fitzgibbon]: 41-44

Derwent May: 'Honourable Judgement' [Rev. of Critical Essays, by W. W. Robson]: 45-47

Giles Sadler: 'Free and Easy' [Rev. of A Christ of the Ice Floes, by David Wevill; Surrounding, by Norman MacCaig; Nights and Days, by James Merrill; The Ikons, by Lawrence Durrell]: 48-49

John Barnard: 'Bursting Buds' [Rev. of The Force and other poems, by Peter Redgrove; A Vulture's Egg, by Miles Burrows; Extra Verse, no. 18, special issue on Miles Burrows; Fresh Water, Sea Water, by Peter Levi, S.J.]: 50-52

Edward Pygge Reports: 53 [Inside back cover]

Issue No. 18
(April 1968)
The Review, no. 18, edited by Ian Hamilton    
Colin Falck: 'Poetry and Wittgenstein' [Essay]: 3-16

John McGahern: 'Why We're Here' [Fiction]: 17-20

A. Alvarez: 'R. P. Blackmur (1904-1965)' [Essay]: 21-25

David Harsent: 'Tonight's Lover' [Poem]: 26

Michael Fried: 'Family', 'Refinery', 'Highway', 'Noon', 'Grape' [Five Poems]: 27

Poets on the Vietnam War [Contributions from A. Alvarez, Kingsley Amis, George Barker, Robert Conquest, Donald Davie, William Empson, D. J. Enright, John Fuller, Roy Fuller, W. S. Graham, Thom Gunn, John Heath-Stubbs, David Holbrook, Elizabeth Jennings, James Kirkup, Peter Levi, William Plomer, Peter Porter, James Reeves, Herbert Read, Jon Silkin, Stephen Spender, R. S. Thomas]: 28-44

Hugo Williams: 'Motorbike', 'Injection' [Two Poems]: 45

Martin Dodsworth: 'Thom Gunn: Negatives and Positives' [Essay]: 46-61

John Fuller: 'Facing the Household Fire' [Rev. of Near the Ocean, by Robert Lowell]: 62-64

Stephen Wall: 'Landscapes and Gardens' [Rev. of The Tree that Walked, by John Fuller; The Stones of Emptiness, by Anthony Thwaite; The Second Life, by Edwin Morgan; A Look Round the Estate, by Kingsley Amis]: 65-68

Edward Pygge Reports: [Inside front cover]
Issue No. 19
The Review, no. 19, edited by Ian Hamilton    

This issue consists of three poetry pamphlets:

A. Alvarez: Twelve Poems ['A Cemetery in New Mexico', 'The Nativity in New Mexico', 'The Gate', 'Love Affair', 'Night Music', 'The Hunt', 'Back', 'Lost', 'Spring Fever', 'Operation', 'War Stories', 'Mourning & Melancholia']

David Harsent: Tonight's Lover ['Poem', 'Love Song', 'Tonight's Lover', 'The Love-Match', 'The Miser', 'Rouault', 'On the Death of a Friend', 'Nijinsky Canonized', 'The Visit', 'The Woman and the Roses', 'Simeon Stylites']

John Fuller: The Art of Love [Single Poem]






Issue No. 20
(March 1969)
The Review, no. 20, edited by Ian Hamilton (Robert Lowell)    
Gabriel Pearson: 'Robert Lowell' [Essay]: 3-36

Douglas Dunn: 'Ships', 'Winter', 'After Closing Time' [Three Poems]: 37

Clive James: 'An Instrument to Measure Spring With' [On e. e. cummings]: 38-48

Iain Crichton Smith: 'Retirement' [Poem]: 49

Michael Fried: 'Depths', 'If I Could Make Time Stop Here', 'The Flash of Lightning' [Three Poems]: 50

Hugo Williams: 'Driving in France', 'In a Train', 'Last Performance' [Three Poems]: 51

Derwent May: 'Recognizing the Damned' [Rev. of King Log, by Geoffrey Hill]: 53-56

Stephen Wall: 'Chairing the Bard' [Rev. of New Poems, by Roy Fuller; The Battle of Aughrim, by Richard Murphy; Not That He Brought Flowers, by R. S. Thomas]: 57-61

Martin Dodsworth: 'The Self-Unseeing' [Rev. of My Son's Father, by Dom Moraes]: 62-64

Lafayette Conklin: 'Up Your Ridgeway' [Rev. of Penguin Modern Poets 12; The Worstest Beast, by Alan Jackson; Tonight at Noon, by Adrian Henri; A Big Hat or What?, by Pete Morgan; The Boy from the Green Cabaret Tells of His Mother, by Barry MacSweeney; The Lost Fire Brigade, by Spike Hawkins]: 65-66

Edward Pygge Reports [Footnote to Derwent May's review of Geoffrey Hill's King Log]: 67
Issue No. 21
The Review, no. 21, edited by Ian Hamilton    

This issue consists of three poetry pamphlets:

Colin Falck: Promises ['Esterel', 'Night Wind', 'Denying Me', 'Girl', 'End of the Summer Term at Christ's Hospital', 'Girl in Summer', 'Nuremberg 1967', 'Lyme Regis Station', 'Eva', 'Accident', 'Promises', 'Fortuna', 'Donatello's David', 'Journey']

Hugo Williams: Poems ['Couple', 'Motorbike', 'Builders', 'The Couple Upstairs', 'Driving in France', 'Girl', 'Last Performance', 'Woman in a New House', 'Sure', 'The Open Window', 'Daybreak', 'Injection', 'In Patient', 'After Saying Goodbye', 'In a Café']

Alan Page: Poems of Yannis Ritsos [In English versions by Page: 'Necessary Explanation', 'Nakes', 'Analogies', 'Edge of Autumn', 'Almost', 'For Greater Precision', 'Shadow Knowledge', 'Breath', 'Secret Rite', 'Morning', 'Him', 'Escaping the Danger', 'Memory', 'Time', 'Lateness', 'Childish Feeling', 'First Voluptuousness', 'Our Women', 'Evening', 'Marvel', 'And An Other Verse']


Issue No. 22
(June 1970)
The Review, no. 22, edited by Ian Hamilton    
Clive James: 'The Tin Pan Alley Extension' [On music and lyrics]: 3-13

'A Conversation with Geoffrey Grigson' [Interview]: 15-26

Hugo Williams: 'Spell', 'Tanker', 'Hostess', 'Aristocrats', 'Beauty' [Five Poems]: 27

David Harsent: 'Cambridge' [Poem]: 28

John Fuller: 'The Elms' [Poem]: 28

John Fuller: 'Her Morning Dreams' [Poem]: 29-31

Colin Falck: 'Che Fece … Il Gran Rifiuto' [Poem]: 32

Michael Fried: 'Rain Falling, the Sculpture Garden Deserted' [Poem]: 33

Peter Porter: 'Opinion' [On poets and poetry]: 34-39

Dan Jacobson: 'A Ghostly Harvest' [Rev. of Edward Thomas: A Critical Biography, by William Cooke]: 41-45

Martin Dodsworth: 'Dramatic Privacy' [Rev. of Essex Poems 1963-1967, by Donald Davie]: 46-56

Eric Homberger: 'Step by Step' [Rev. of A Reader's Guide to W. H. Auden, by John Fuller]: 57-58

'More Toads Revisited' [Extracts from the citation by Dr. Philip A. Larkin for the presentation of Cecil Day-Lewis for the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters, The University of Hull]: 59-60

Edward Pygge Reports: 'Where Are They Now?' [Seamus Heaney, George MacBeth, Basil Bunting, Donald Davie]: 62-63
Issue No. 23
(September -- November 1970)
The Review, no. 23, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Roy Fuller: 'The White Goddess' [Rev. of Selected Poems: in Five Sets, by Laura Riding]: 3-9

Martin Seymour Smith: 'Laura Riding's "Rejection of Poetry"': 10-14

Molly Holden: 'The Gap' [Poem]: 15

Douglas Dunn: 'Modern Love', 'Alternative', 'The Philologists' [Three Poems]: 16-17

David Harsent: 'Zoological Museum' [Poem]: 18

'A Conversation with Stephen Spender' [Interview]: 19-32

Anthony Thwaite: 'Opinion' [On poetry]: 33-39

Colin Falck: 'Melancholy Ways' [Rev. of Collected Poems, by Harold Monro]: 41-46

Clive James: 'Tough Assignments' [Rev. of Selected Letters of Theodore Roethke, edited by Rolph J. Mills, Jr.]: 47-53

Martin Dodsworth: 'Body Rhythm' [Rev. of Earth House Hold, by Gary Snyder]: 55-60

Stephen Wall: 'Letting It Happen' [Rev. of Sugar Daddy, by Hugo Williams; Neighbours, by Glyn Hughes; Mortal Fire, by Peter Dale; The Loiners, by Tony Harrison]: 61-65

John Carey: 'Unlevelled' [Rev. of The Survival of Poetry, edited by Martin Dodsworth]: 66-67

Letters: 68-69

Edward Pygge's Crossword: 70-71

Issue No. 24
(December 1970)
The Review, no. 24, edited by Ian Hamilton    

John Bayley: 'The King as Commoner' [Rev. of Notebook, by Robert Lowell]: 3-7

Michael Hamburger: 'Brecht and His Successors' [Essay]: 9-24

Selection of Poems by Various Authors [Translated by Michael Hamburger, unless otherwise indicated]: Bertolt Brecht: 'The Greenhouse', 'Difficult Times', 'How Things Change', When in a White Ward of the Charité'; Peter Huchel: 'Swans Rising', 'The Mirror', 'The Sign' ['Swans Rising' and 'The Mirror', trans. by Christopher Levenson]; Günter Kunert: 'Oral Declaration', 'On the Threshold' ['On the Threshold', trans. by Christopher Levenson]; Johnannes Bobrowski: 'With Your Voice', 'Sanctuary' [Trans. by Matthew and Ruth Mead]; Wolf Biermann: 'Early Morning'; Kurt Bartsch: 'Air Raid Shelter', 'Furnished Room', 'Breakfast'; Volker Braun: 'Provocation for Me'; Bernd Jentzsch: 'My Mother'; Karl Mickel: 'The Well Groomed Head' [Trans. by Matthew and Ruth Mead]; Heinz Kahlau: 'The Old Bricklayer', 'Recovery'; Sarah Kirsch: 'January' [Trans. by Gordon and Gisela Brotherston]; Reiner Kunze: 'The Bringers of Beethoven' [Trans. by Gordon and Gisela Brotherston]: 25-40

Alan Brownjohn: 'Opinion' [On Poets]: 41-48

Molly Holden: 'Suburbia, Like Hanging' [Poem]: 49

Michael Fried: 'Poem', 'The Black Swan . . .' [Two Poems]: 50

Jon Silkin: 'Strike' [Poem]: 51

Clive James: 'Settling for Dust' [Rev. of The Last of England, by Peter Porter]: 53-61

John Fuller: 'Blown Up' [Rev. of The Crow, by Ted Hughes]: 62-64

Terry Eagleton: 'Two Way Confusions' [Rev. of A Theory of Communication, by Philip Hobsbaum]: 65-70

John Carey: 'Look Here' [Rev. of Reflections on the Word 'Image', by P. N. Furbank]: 71-72

Francis Hope: 'The Company She Kept' [Rev. of Edith Sitwell: Selected Letters, edited by John Lehmann and Derek Parker]: 73-74

Letters [From Laura (Riding) Jackson and Harry Kemp regarding essays written about Riding in issue no.23; replies from Roy Fuller and Martin Seymour Smith]: 75-78

Edward Pygge Reports: 80

Issue No. 25
(Spring 1971)
The Review, no. 25, edited by Ian Hamilton (Robert Frost)    

Dan Jacobson: 'Vurry Amurk'n' [Rev. of Robert Frost: The Years of Triumph, by Lawrance Thompson;The Poetry of Robert Frost, edited by Edward Connery]: 3-10

Jonathan Raban: 'A Place Not Our Own' [On several poets, including Wallace Stevens, Peter Porter, W. D. Snodgrass, and Philip Larkin]: 11-24

Michael Fried: 'Tundra', 'Offshore', 'Floor' [Three Poems]: 25

David Harsent: 'After Dark' [Poem]: 26

Peter Dale: 'Returns', 'Wait and See' [Two Poems]: 27

Louis Simpson: 'Opinion' [On the state of poetry in Britain]: 29-38

A Conversation with Alan Ross [Interview]: 39-50

Clive James: 'Everything's Rainbow' [Rev. of The Complete Poems, by Elizabeth Bishop]: 51-57

Michael Fried: 'Approximations' [Rev. of Moly, by Thom Gunn]: 59-60

Letters: 61-62

James Fenton: 'Open Letter to Richard Crossman' [Poem]: 64-68

Also includes a poetry pamphlet supplement: Backwaters, by Douglas Dunn ['Alternative', 'Modern Love', 'Three Days Before Term', 'The Friendship of Young Poets', 'The Sportsmen', 'Runners', 'The Hunched', 'After the War', 'The Shirt', 'The Philologists', 'Five Years Married', 'Backwaters', 'Billie 'N' Me', 'Up in Duggie's Room', 'Under the Stone']

Issue No. 26
(Summer 1971)
The Review, no. 26, edited by Ian Hamilton (Robert Lowell)    

Robert Lowell: Excerpt from 'The Dolphin' [Poems]: 3-9

A Conversation with Robert Lowell [Interview]: 10-29

Hugo Williams: 'Fat', 'First Memory', 'Truce', 'Home', 'April', 'The Rain', 'The Expatriates' [Seven Poems]: 30-32

David Rokeah: 'I Have Seen' [Poem]: 33

David Harsent: 'Portents', 'Anniversary', 'Encounter' [Three Poems]: 34

Clive James: 'When the Gloves Are Off' [Rev. of Walking to Sleep, by Richard Wilbur]: 35-44

Jonathan Raban: 'Winks and Nods' [Rev. of Adventures of the Letter I, by Louis Simpson; Fishermen with Ploughs and Poems New and Selected, by George Mackay Brown; Selected Poems, by Norman MacCaig; Amana Grass, by Jon Silkin; Energy to Burn, by James Simmons]: 45-54

Letters: 55

Issue No. 27-28
(Autumn/Winter 1971/1972)
The Review, no. 27-28, edited by Ian Hamilton    

Francis Hope: 'Modest Proposals' [Essay]: 3-8

Norman Cameron -- Four Views [Essays by Geoffrey Grigson, James Reeves, Roy Fuller, and G. S. Fraser]: 9-21

Clive James: 'Big Medicine' [Rev. of The Savage God, by A. Alvarez]: 22-38

Peter Porter: 'Dream Restaurant' [Poem]: 39

Michael Fried: 'Seeking Escape', 'Canal', 'The Room Itself Was Nothing Much . . .' [Three Poems]: 40

Karl Miller: 'Opinion' [On Poets and Politics]: 41-52

Hugo Williams: 'Tightrope', 'Dust', 'Low Tide', 'First Night', 'Tavistock Square', 'A Prayer' [Six Poems]: 53-54

Tony Robbins: 'Just a Tickle for W. H. A.' [Poem]: 55-56

Russell Davies: 'Fibs of Vision' [Rev. of Dylan Thomas: The Poems, edited by Daniel Jones; Dylan Thomas: Early Prose Writings, edited by Walford Davies]: 57-76

Vivian Leopold: 'He Left a Note' [Rev. of Love & Fame, by John Berryman]: 77-79

David Harsent: 'A Generous Daze' [Rev. of The Generous Days, by Stephen Spender]: 80-82

John Carey: 'Up to Date' [Rev. of The Society of the Poem, by Jonathan Raban]: 83-85

John Fuller: 'Drafty Corner' [Rev. of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land: A Facsimile and Transcript of the Original Drafts, edited by Valerie Eliot]: 86-88

Issue No. 29-30
(Spring/Summer 1972)
The Review, no. 29-30, edited by Ian Hamilton    

'The State of Poetry: A Symposium' [Contributions from Dannie Abse, A. Alvarez, Kingsley Amis, John Bayley, Patricia Beer, Alan Brownjohn, John Carey, Martin Dodsworth, Alan Dugan, Douglas Dunn, Richard Eberhart, Gavin Ewart, Colin Falck, John Fuller, Roy Fuller, Donald Hall, David Harsent, Adrian Henri, Clive James, Elizabeth Jennings, Philip Larkin, Michael Longley, George MacBeth, Edwin Morgan, Jeff Nuttall, Peter Porter, Jonathan Raban, Peter Redgrove, Vernon Scannell, Jon Silkin, Julian Symons, Anthony Thwaite, Charles Tomlinson, Richard Wilbur, Hugo Williams]: 3-73

Michael Fried: 'Moment', 'Memories', 'Talisman' [Three Poems]: 75

Roy Fuller: 'Goethe's Poodle' [Poem]: 76-77

Hugo Williams: 'Clouds', 'Cherry Blossom', 'The Disease' [Three Poems]: 78-79

David Harsent: 'Out', 'The Late Late Show', 'Love Game', 'Anchorage' [Four Poems]: 81-82

Ian Hamilton: 'Remembrance', 'Vigil' [Two Poems]: 83

Douglas Dunn: 'Thinking, from Birds to God', 'Caledonian Moonlight' [Two Poems]: 84-85

Peter Dale: 'Echo Sounder', 'After-Image', 'Dream' [Three Poems]: 85

Tony Robbins: 'Famous Love' [Poem]: 87

Colin Falck: 'Abortion', 'Alternative', 'In Brompton Cemetery' [Three Poems]: 89

John Fuller: 'To James Fenton' [Poem -- Rev. of Terminal Moraine, by James Fenton]: 90-95

James Fenton: 'To John Fuller' [Poem -- Rev. of Cannibals and Missionaries, by John Fuller]: 97-102



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